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Wuhan Institute of BioProducts (Sinopharm) + Chinese Academy of Sciences
vaccine type: Inactivated virus
Distribution updates
Aug 23China has authorised emergency usage of Wuhan's inactivated vaccine to be used among people who are at high risk (by
Apr 30Wuhan Institute's vaccine could be ready for the market by the end of 2020 or early 2021 (by
Human Testing updates (clinical trials)



started April 12 2020

with 1456 healthy people aged 6+

trial location: Jiaozuo, China

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started July 18 2020

with 15000 healthy people aged 18+

trial location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

» clinical trial details

Sep 14UAE granted emergency approval for use of Wuhan's inactivated vaccine (by
Aug 31Registration for the UAE's Wuhan inactivated vaccine trials enrolled 31000 volunteers (by
Aug 14Phase 1/2 clinical data by Sinopharm suggests the vaccine may be safe, tolerable and effective (by
Jul 17Sinopharm's inactivated vaccine has started Phase 3 clinical trials in Abu Dhabi UAE (by
Jun 23CNBG has won approval to run Phase 3 clinical trial of its vaccine in UAE (by
Jun 16Wuhan Institute's vaccine triggered a strong neutralizing antibody response in a phase 1/2 study (by
Apr 30Wuhan Institute of BioProducts launched phase 2 clinical trials (by
Apr 25Wuhan Institute of BioProducts started clinical trials for their vaccine on April 12 (by
Animal Testing updates (pre-clinical trials)
currently no pre-clinical trials info
early development updates
currently no early development info

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