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VAAST Oral Vaccine platform

Vaxart + Emergent BioSolutions + KindredBio
vaccine type: Non-replicating viral vector
Distribution updates
currently no distribution info
Human Testing updates (clinical trials)



started September 24 2020

with 48 healthy volunteers aged 18-54

trial location: USA

» clinical trial details

Feb 25Vaxart announced that it plans to start the first Phase 2 study of its oral vaccine candidate in Q2 2021 (by
Oct 13Vaxart announced that the first subject has been dosed with the vaccine in its Phase 1 clinical trial (by
Sep 14U.S. FDA gave clearance of IND application for Vaxart's vaccine which will start Phase 1 trials this month (by
Apr 21Vaxart expects to start clinical trials for its vaccine in the second half of 2020 (by
Animal Testing updates (pre-clinical trials)
start date: April 2020
Nov 12Vaxart's Hamster Challenge Study released additional results highlighting robust immune response and significantly reduce viral load (by
Oct 14Vaxart's preclinical study available results showed protection to all hamsters that received two oral doses of the vaccine (by
Sep 08Vaxart's oral vaccine induced potent systemic and mucosal immune responses in preclinical studies (by
Apr 21Vaxart vaccine pre-clinical tests generated immune responses in all tested animals (by
early development updates
Mar 31Vaxart have produced 5 vaccine candidates for testing in its pre-clinical trials (by

May 20Vaxart has contracted with KindredBio to manufacture its lead vaccine candidate at a large scale (by
Mar 18Vaxart partners with Emergent to develop an oral recombinant vaccine candidate (by

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