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AZD 1222

Oxford University + AstraZeneca + Cobra Biologics + Oxford Biomedica + Merck KGaA + Halix BV + Pall Corporation + SGS + India's Serum Institute + Catalent Biologics + CSL Limited
vaccine type: Non-replicating viral vector

distribution (started in January 2021):
Anguilla, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czechia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Falkland Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guyana, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Saint Helena, Seychelles, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Distribution updates
Jan 29AstraZeneca's vaccine has been recommended for CMA in the EU for active immunisation to prevent COVID-19 (by
Jan 29The CHMP recommends two doses of Oxford's vaccine to be administered at a four-to twelve week interval in people aged 18 years and older (by
Jan 17Anvisa approved AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in Brazil (by
Jan 15DRAP has been granted AstraZeneca's vaccine emergency use authorisation in Pakistan with certain conditions (by
Jan 06SII obtained emergency use authorisation in India for AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine (by
Dec 30AstraZeneca's vaccine has been approved for emergency supply in the UK with the first doses being released today (by
Dec 30Argentina's ANMAT has authorized AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in the country (by
Oct 14UK Govt's top vaccine boss has said there's only a slim chance Oxford's vaccine will be ready in time for Christmas (by
Sep 06CSL Ltd has signed today a HoA with AstraZeneca to manufacture 30 million doses of its vaccine in Australia (by
Aug 24Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy will provide drug manufacturing to AstraZeneca for Oxford's vaccine (by
Jun 15Catalent Biologics will provide commercial supply and packaging capacity to AstraZeneca (by
Jun 05AstraZeneca reached an agreement with SII to supply one billion doses of Oxford's vaccine (by
May 17Up to 30M doses of OxfordUni vaccine will be available in September, if tests succeed (by
Apr 30The AstraZeneca-Oxford partnership is looking to produce 100M doses by the end of 2020 (by
Apr 30OxfordUni's vaccine will be distributed globally, with priority to UK population (by
Apr 30OxfordUni's partners have agreed to operate on a not-for-profit basis during the pandemic (by
Apr 27If approved OxfordUni's vaccine first few million doses could be available by September (by
Human Testing updates (clinical trials)

PHASE 1-2 (UK)


started April 23 2020

with 1112 healthy volunteers aged 18-55

trial location: UK

» clinical trial details

PHASE 1-2 (South Africa)


started June 24 2020

with 2000 healthy volunteers aged 19-64

trial location: South Africa

» clinical trial details

PHASE 1-2 (Kenya)


started October 1 2020

with 400 healthy people aged 13-64

trial location: Kenya

» clinical trial details

PHASE 1-2 (Japan)


started August 23 2020

with 12 healthy volunteers aged 18+

trial location: Japan

» clinical trial details

PHASE 2 (over 50)


started Febrary 8 2021

with 820 healthy volunteers aged 50+

trial location: UK

» clinical trial details

PHASE 2 (children)


started February 15 2021

with 300 healthy people aged 6-17

trial location: UK

» clinical trial details

PHASE 2-3 (UK)


started May 28 2020

with 12390 healthy volunteers aged 18+

trial location: UK

» clinical trial details

PHASE 2-3 (India)


started August 24 2020

with 1600 healthy volunteers aged 18+

trial location: India

» clinical trial details

PHASE 3 (Brazil)


started June 2 2020

with 10300 healthy volunteers aged 18+

trial location: Brazil

» clinical trial details



started August 17 2020

with 30000 healthy volunteers aged 18+

trial location: United States

» clinical trial details

PHASE 3 (Russia)


started August 26 2020

with 100 healthy volunteers aged 18+

trial location: Russia

» clinical trial details



started December 14 2020

with 40000 healthy volunteers aged 18+

» clinical trial details

Dec 08Phase 3 AZD1222's interim analysis published in The Lancet demonstrated that the vaccine is safe and effective at preventing COVID-19 (by
Nov 23Positive high-level results from an interim analysis of clinical trials of AZD1222 in the UK and Brazil showed the vaccine was highly effective against coronavirus (by
Oct 23FDA authorised restart of AZD1222 vaccine US Phase 3 trial following the resumption of trials in other countries in recent weeks (by
Oct 21AstraZeneca could resume the U.S. clinical trial of its COVID-19 vaccine this week after being paused since early September (by
Oct 02OxfordUni's vaccine clinical trials have resumed in Japan a month after being put on hold due to an illness of a British volunteer (by
Sep 30U.S. FDA has broadened its investigation of a serious illness in AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine study (by
Sep 17AZD1222's Phase 3 study in adults is to determine the safety,efficacy and immunogenicity for the prevention of COVID-19 (by
Sep 15Brazil authorized AstraZeneca's vaccine to be tested on an additional 5000 volunteers in the country (by
Sep 15AstraZeneca has resumed its vaccine trials in SA after over a week pause due to serious side effects (by
Sep 12AZD1222's clinical trials have resumed in the UK following confirmation by MHRA that it was safe to do so (by
Sep 09AstraZeneca has been put on hold its vaccine Phase 3 trial due to a suspected serious adverse reaction (by
Sep 09AstraZeneca stated that whenever there's an unexplained illness in one of the trials it must be investigated (by
Aug 31Development of Oxford's vaccine expanded into a Phase 3 trial in the US (by
Aug 31Oxford's vaccine Phase 3 trials will include all adult age groups and enroll up to 30000 people (by
Jul 20Oxford's vaccine was tolerated and generated immune responses in all evaluated participants (by
Jul 20Oxford's vaccine provoked T cell response within 14 days and antibody response within 28 days (by
Jul 01Volunteers in Brazil have begun receiving Oxford's vaccine in Latin America's first phase 3 trials (by
Jun 24Researchers have started clinical trials on Oxford's vaccine in South Africa and Brazil (by
May 28AstraZeneca may consider exposing vaccine trial participants to virus as it declines in Europe (by
May 22Oxford researchers have begun recruiting volunteers to begin phase 2/3 human trials (by
May 21AstraZeneca's agreement with BARDA includes a Phase 3 clinical trial with 30000 participants (by
Apr 28Jenner Institute's vaccine expected to be tested in 6,000 people starting in May (by
Animal Testing updates (pre-clinical trials)
start date: March 2020
Jun 20A booster immunisation of ChAdOx1 enhanced antibody responses particularly in pigs (by
May 15OxfordUni's vaccine given to monkeys generated antibodies against the virus within 14 days (by
May 13A single vaccination with ChAdOx1 induced a humoral and cellular response in monkeys (by
Mar 19Oxford University will begin animal trials on its vaccine next week (by
early development updates
currently no early development info

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) + UK government + BARDA + U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) + Operation Warp Speed by Trump Administration + Gavi
Jun 10US Gov. plans to fund and conduct Phase 3 studies on Oxford vaccine starting in August (by
Jun 04AstraZeneca made a $750m deal with CEPI and Gavi to distribute 300M doses of the vaccine (by
Jun 03Trump Administration has selected Oxford's vaccine among top 5 most likely to be produced (by
May 21AstraZeneca scored a $1.2 billion deal with BARDA for production of up to 300M doses (by
Mar 24The UK government has invested 2.2 million pounds to boost vaccines development (by
Aug 14EU has reached a first agreement with AstraZeneca for purchasing 300m doses of the vaccine (by
Jul 20Russian's R-Pharma signed a deal with AstraZeneca to produce and distribute Oxford's vaccine (by
Jul 14IQVA and AstraZeneca have teamed up to support development of potential COVID-19 vaccine (by
Jun 24AstraZeneca signed a deal with Symbiosis Pharmaceutical which will supply units of the vaccine (by
May 29AstraZeneca partners with Trump's Operation Warp Speed to make vaccine available by 2021 (by
May 28Oxford Biomedica signed a one year Clinical & Commercial Supply Agreement with AstraZeneca (by
May 17UK's VMIC will invest in more technology to produce 70 million vaccine doses in 4-6 months (by
Apr 30AstraZeneca will develop, manufacture and distribute the OxfordUni vaccine worldwide (by
Apr 26India's Serum Institute partners with the OxfordUni's consortium to help manufacturing (by
Apr 22SGS joins the consortium led by the University of Oxford to accelerate vaccine development (by
Apr 21Pall Corporation joins Oxford Uni consortium to large scale manufactoring process (by
Apr 17Merck KGaA and Halix BV join the OxfordUni consortium to shorten large scale production times (by
Apr 08Oxford Biomedica joins the OxfordUni vaccine consortium to help large-scale manufacturing (by
Mar 31Cobra Biologics joins the OxfordUni consortium to fast-track clininal trials of the vaccine (by

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