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Adeno-associated viral-vector (AAV) spike protein

Massach.tts Eye and Ear + AveXis + Viralgen + Aldrevon + Catalent + Penn Medicine
(USA + Spain)
vaccine type: Non-replicating viral vector
Distribution updates
currently no distribution info
Human Testing updates (clinical trials)
currently no clinical trials info
Animal Testing updates (pre-clinical trials)
start date: May 2020
Jan 29AAVCOVID vaccine led to robust neutralizing antibody responses in mouse and nonhuman primate models from only a single dose (by
May 01MassachuttesEyeAndEar's vaccine program ambition is to start clinical trials this summer (by
early development updates
Jan 19AAVCOVID vaccine is stable at room temperature for at least one month which makes it very suitable to fight coronavirus on a global scale (by
May 05MGH announced progress towards the testing and development of AAVCOVID (by

May 28MGH entered agreement with AveXis to supply AAV vaccine for clinical trials in Q2 2020 (by
May 28Viralgen, Aldrevon and Catalent entered into a manufacturing agreement to support clinical studies (by
May 28MassachuttesEyeAndEar joined the AAVCOVID program to conduct preclinical studies (by

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