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INO-4800 DNA with electroporation

Inovio Pharma + Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology + Ology Bioservices + VGXI + Richter-Helm + Thermo Fisher Scientific
(USA + China)
vaccine type: DNA-based
Distribution updates
limited distribution: Q4 2020 (1 million doses)
Apr 13Inovio expects to have 1 million doses of vaccine ready for more clinical trials by Q4 2020 (by
Human Testing updates (clinical trials)



started April 3 2020

with 120 healthy volunteers aged 18+

trial location: USA

results: expected in late June 2020

» clinical trial details

PHASE 1-2 (South Korea)


started June 22 2020

with 160 healthy volunteers aged 18-64

trial location: South Korea

» clinical trial details

Sep 28Inovio's INO-4800 Phase 2/3 trial has been put on partial clinical hold by U.S. FDA (by
Aug 10Inovio will start INO-4800's Phase 2/3 clinical study in the U.S. in September (by
Jul 15INO-4800's first dose has been administered to a patient in his 40s at SNUH (by
Jun 30Inovio announced positive interim clinical data of its vaccine from Phase 1 clinical trial cohorts (by
Apr 28Inovio vaccine's Phase 1 clinical trial safety results are expected to come out in late June (by
Mar 19Inovio predicts progressing into clinical trials in April (by
Animal Testing updates (pre-clinical trials)
start date: March 2020
Jul 30INO-4800 was effective in protecting primates from the virus 13 weeks after the last vaccination (by
Jul 29Intradermal-delivered DNA INO-4800 provided anamnestic protection in a rhesus macaque SARS-CoV-2 challenge model (by
May 20INO-4800 preclinical study data has showed good results neutralizing antibody (by
May 20Inovio's vaccine has given immunization to mice and guinea pigs neutralizing infection (by
Apr 07Inovio's vaccine showed encouraging results after preclinical testing in animals (by
early development updates
currently no early development info

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) + Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation + US Department of Defense
Jun 23Inovio has received $71M from US Govt to scale up manufacture of its intradermal delivery device (by
Apr 30Inovio received a total funding of $17.2 M from CEPI (by
Mar 24US Dept of Defense funds $11.9M to manufacture Inovio vaccine for military staff (by
Sep 08Inovio today announced that Thermo Fisher Scientific has signed a letter of intent to manufacture INO-4800 (by
Apr 30Inovio will partner with German firm Richter-Helm to support large-scale manufacturing (by
Mar 24Ology Bioservices partners with Inovio to manufacture vaccines for US Dept of Defence (by
Jan 30Inovio announced collaboration with Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology for a vaccine (by

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