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Dpx-Covid-19 Peptide antigens

IMV + Dalhousie University + Izaak Walton Killam Health Center + Nova Scotia Health Authority + Canadian Immunization Research Network + University of Laval + Global Urgent and Advanced Research and Development in Canada
vaccine type: Protein subunit
Distribution updates
currently no distribution info
Human Testing updates (clinical trials)



in definition (expecting to start Q3 2020)

with 48 people

Oct 08DPX-COVID-19 has the potential to improve the duration of the immune response and protect older adults and more vulnerable individuals (by
May 15IMV's vaccine current advance will allow it to enter into clinical trials later this summer (by
Mar 30IMV is planning to test its vaccine on 48 people in Nova Scotia and Quebec this summer (by
Animal Testing updates (pre-clinical trials)
start date: April 2020
May 21IMV's vaccine advance into human clinical studies due to showing positive preclinical results (by
May 21IMV announced positive preclinical results showing robust immunogenic and antibody responses (by
Apr 15IMV will start testing on animals in April to validate safety and potency before human trials (by
early development updates
Jul 14IMV is working closely with regulatory agencies to initiate clinical studies as quick as possible (by

Canadian government agencies CA$4.75 million
Aug 05Canadian govt will contribute up to CA$4.75m to advance Phase 1 clinical trials of IMV's vaccine (by
Mar 18IMV announced the development of a vaccine in collaboration with multiple partners (by

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