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DNA with electroporation

Chula Vaccine Research Center + National Research Council of Thailand + BioNet-Asia
(Thailand )
vaccine type: DNA-based
Distribution updates
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Human Testing updates (clinical trials)



started January 2021

with 96 healthy volunteers aged 18-75

trial location: Bangkok, Thailand

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Feb 18ChulaVRC vaccine has been successful in trials on mice and monkeys and is due to be tested on humans in late April or early May (by
Jun 23ChulaVRC's preclinical studies are in August and if successful will lead to human trials in October (by
Animal Testing updates (pre-clinical trials)
start date: May 2020
Jul 06ChulaVRC's preclinical studies started on 13 monkeys in late May with final results expected in July (by
early development updates
currently no early development info

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